Wednesday, August 10, 2011

No Wonder they sing!

I am writing about the Locust again! This morning I spent several hours watching a locust emerge from it's hole in the ground, make it's way up the tree, and then wrestle itself out of it's old, mud covered shell. I stood amazed at this very small yet complex piece of God's creation. It's amazing to me that God took the time to teach the locust how to shed it's shell. While I have always taken note of the locust, this year I am drawn to them. God must be using them to teach me a very important lesson!

Today I noticed that all of the little holes in the ground around the tree are indeed the resting places of locusts! I am guessing that they are the larva that are hatching from last year. Regardless of how they got in the ground, I am intrigued by the fact that they begin in the ground, a dark hole in the dirt. They work their way out slowly, barely able to move in their mud covered shell.

I believe they must be so restless inside to the point that the pressure causes the shell to open a hole large enough to climb out of. It took several hours for the locust to slowly pull each leg, it's head, and abdomen from the shell. I watched as it would make one small move then rest for a period of time before moving again. The process was long and painful. I wanted to help it. Maybe if I would pull it out. Maybe if I would break the hole open a little bigger. I resisted the urge to help, knowing that my efforts would only hurt the end result.

The locust emerged a bright green color. It had shriveled up wings, and a soft outer shell. I imagined it must have felt so good to be free from the confines of that mud covered shell. The locust carefully stretched, taking time to gain strength along the way. The wings began to unfold. They were fully stretched, but still weak bending in half as they were unable to resist the gentle breeze. The locust climbed up the trunk of the tree slowly as it gained the strength to move on. It left the empty shell behind. Hours later, the newly hatched locust remains resting on the tree, drying it's wings, gaining strength to begin anew. Soon it will be strong enough to take flight, and to sing the music of the summer days. After watching the locust's journey, it's no wonder they sing!

God wants me to take note of this. I have taken the time to admire his work in the little places of His creation. He is making all things new. He is making me a new creation. The process is long, and painful, and often doesn't go as quickly as I would like. But, He is making me new...and I will sing.

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  1. Beautiful, as always!! I love when you write. Prayers and hugs for you tonight, my friend!